“I love the colours of Bologna and its proximity to other major cities as well as the sea”

Dimitra comes from Rhodes, Greece, and is a student of the international MA in Civil Engineering at the University of Bologna

A gate in Bologna

My name is Dimitra and I am a student on my final 3rd year in the international course in civil engineering at the University of Bologna and I come from Rhodes, Greece.


Applying can be stressful – but you're not alone!

In order to be accepted to this Unibo MA, I first finalized my bachelor’s in Civil Engineering, then I gathered all the necessary documentation, I had it verified and translated into Italian and English. While taking care of all the bureaucratic aspects, I prepared for my IELTS exam -  this was a requirement of my degree programme which is taught in English. It was a bit stressful because I never met anyone who undertook the same path!

I chose the University of Bologna based on two features: the degree programmes offered and the vicinity of Italy to my home country. Moreover, being in the European Union simplified things a lot and it was a plus. I chose the University of Bologna also because it is a really old and recognised university that attracts many young students every year. They move to the city with a common goal, so I felt like my situation applied to many other students and I didn’t feel alone in what I was experiencing.

The enrolment procedure was rather simple once I had all the documents ready. When in doubt I could always write an email to or call the International Desk. The process is quite straightforward, but a suggestion would be to be a bit patient.

Dimitra, civil engineering student

Group work and inspirational talks

I studied Civil Engineering in English in an international degree programme where classes were attended by about 60 different nationalities; it was a unique and interesting experience. Most of the courses required some kind of project to be delivered and we would usually collaborate. This allowed us to form very interesting mixed groups and discover each other’s cultural background.

I decided to major in Offshore Engineering and I’m really satisfied with it. My choice was inspired by one of the professors who motivated me and broadened my horizons with his knowledge and attitude.

During my master’s, I won a call to study abroad and receive a scholarship for it. I got the opportunity to study in the US and the Netherlands, and I decided to go to the Netherlands because I had more money, time, and friends there. I really enjoyed m stay there and it now represents a great added value to my cv and a new tool for my career.


A 360 degrees support from the University community

This degree programme is very up to date and the teaching and technical-administrative staff is very qualified and eager to help and guide you throughout your career. There were a few information days organised by the university where I could find all I needed, but I mostly gathered information through everyday chit-chat with fellow students who were facing similar difficulties as mine. During my time in Bologna, I did use the psychological support offered by the university because I lost a family member when I was abroad. The therapist helped me a lot to re-focus on my academic career and she was really a life saviour in those moments of need!


The excitement and fear to move to another country

In the beginning, I was quite worried about whether my accommodation would be good enough and how I would manage to communicate in Italian as well as in English for my day-to-day life, even though I had already studied Italian in Greece. In any case, I started speaking Italian with my flatmates and in everyday situations such as in shops, banks, public offices.

Now for a few months I have moved back to my home with my family due to COVID. For my last accommodation, I signed a contract through a so-called “agenzia immobiliare” (real estate agency) with my flatmate from Rome. We rented a house on our name and then found one more flatmate to take the extra bedroom. We all were girls studying engineering and our apartment was very close to our department. I decided to rent a place within a 10-minute walk from the university, so I could either walk or bike there easily even when it rained. Bologna is very easy to get around! Everything is within walking distance, maybe only some larger supermarkets are located a bit far away from the historic centre.

A view of Bologna from the Specola Tower

Bologna: the best choice if you are a student

Bologna is a welcoming and diverse city where you can enjoy different things from libraries to sightseeing. I was really excited and happy when I first arrived in Bologna, I felt safe here and I could find students everywhere. Bologna is both young, thanks to its population of mostly young people, and historical. This makes it an excellent choice for a student in my opinion.

I love the colours of Bologna and its proximity to other major cities as well as the sea. In my free time I would go to the swimming pool or run around the hill in San Luca. I love the outdoors, and I exercise regularly! Moreover, during my free time, I would go out with friends for a drink or to one of the many events in the weekends or even to have a walk at a park to enjoy some sun mostly.


Unibo: the gateway to your future!

I would definitely recommend the University of Bologna especially to someone who loves Italian lifestyle, culture and language! I would advise a future international student to try their best and work hard to make their best out of their studies. Bologna can open up many new paths for your future if you are focused enough!