“I would definitely recommend Ravenna to the people who want to escape from the troubles of big cities!”

Abbas from Azerbaijan studies at the MA in International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage (I-CONTACT) in Ravenna Campus

Abbas sitting at a desk

My name is Abbas, I’m a MA student in International Cooperation on Human Rights and Intercultural Heritage (I-CONTACT) at the University of Bologna, Ravenna Campus. I come from Azerbaijan and there I obtained my BA at Baku State University. 

I-CONTACT: the best fit for my career goals 

During the last year of my BA, I decided to study abroad and started searching information about several universities across Europe: the University of Bologna was one among the many universities I was considering for enrollment and in the end I chose this university for several reasons. Firstly, for its worldwide reputation, and, secondly, I was looking for a degree programme focusing on a specific topic rather than on a broader subject such as International Relations and I found it at the University of Bologna: I-CONTACT!  

Abbas standing next to the EU flag

Where it all began: the start of a unique journey 

After choosing the right degree programme for me, the next steps were preparing all the documents, applying for the MA and getting ready for the interview. The next thing I know is that I was preparing everything for the Visa application and, by September 2019, I was in Ravenna, Italy. That was the start of a unique journey and experience. Over the years, I attended several interesting courses, such as one on European nations and their role in 20th/21st centuries and one on Eastern Europe and Post-soviet countries. I even attended Italian language courses offered by the university. I took this opportunity because it is better to speak Italian as only a few people have a good level of English here in Italy 


Ravenna: hustle-free, enjoyment-full

I really like Ravenna, you don’t find the chaos of a big city and you can reach every location within the city by bike, which is much more affordable and healthier (except in winter when it can be a little bit too cold to ride a bike!). The Adriatic Sea is really close and gives us a chance to spend hot summer days chilling on the beach with friends. I would definitely recommend Ravenna to the people who want to escape from the troubles of big cities! 

Moreover, the university services are well integrated within the city. For example, I usually go to the main library to study which is not big, but I really enjoy its atmosphere and the possibility to study until midnight everyday! There is also the opportunity to order books from other campuses which is very convenient.  

As for the accommodation, it is not difficult to find an apartment even if you have never lived in Italy. I could find all the houses where I lived in Ravenna without asking for help! I now live with two other people, one from Italy and one from Turkey. Students usually share an apartment and, in some cases, this includes sharing the room as well.  

Abbas standing in a conference room

Unibo, one of the best places to study 

I received the regional scholarship offered by Ergo. It is an income-based scholarship and if you get the full scholarship, you also get a fee waiver. There are also other scholarships and grants offered by the University of Bologna, mostly merit-based requiring high academic results. There are also Erasmus+ and overseas opportunities to give students a chance to study abroad as well. I think that all these opportunities make the University of Bologna one of the best places to study. 

During the lockdown period caused by the covid-19 outbreak, we moved all our activities online. It was a tough time for most of the students and the university staff but I would say everyone managed it pretty well. Currently, classes are provided in blended mode, this means that a student can choose to attend classes either in person or online. This provides a good opportunity for international students who could not come here due to COVID-19 restrictions or visa issues.  


Everyone can learn something new at Unibo 

In general, I would totally suggest to other students to choose the University of Bologna. Here one can find a nice atmosphere with people of different backgrounds and each one of us can learn something new. Considering the grants, scholarships, studying abroad opportunities and university facilities, the University of Bologna is one of the best universities in the world and the right place where you can have a unique experience.