Master’s Degree in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials - VIRTUAL OPEN DAY

Take the chance to meet the students, staff and professors, ask for details about the contents, services and opportunities offered by the degree programme.

  • Data: 28 LUGLIO 2020  dalle 11:00 alle 12:45

  • Luogo: Online - piattaforma Microsoft Teams

  • Tipo: Open Day



11.00-11.20 : Presentation of Master's Degree in Photochemistry and Molecular Materials by the Coordinator, Prof. Paola Ceroni


11.20-11.40 : Services and opportunities for students by Flavia Cattani e Laura Esposito of the International Office, School of Science


11.40-12.10 : Presentation of the Chemistry Department and Research Activities by Prof. Marco Bandini, with the participation of Giorgia Pagnotta and Giacomo Morselli


12.10-12.30 : Meet our students, with the participation of Irene Papiano and Mariangela Rea


12.30-12.45 : Q&A session


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